Prof. Shailendra Mohan, Director, CIIL, Mysuru, Karnataka

E-mail ID: director-ciil@gov.in
Prof. Shailendra Mohan

Sri Sujoy Sarkar, Officer-in-charge, SPPEL, CIIL, Mysuru, Karnataka

E-mail ID: sujoy.sk@gov.in, sujoy.jnu@gmail.com
Mr. Sujoy Sarkar

Senior Resource Person
Dr. Nagaraju S Dr. S. Nagaraju
Dr. S. Nagaraju, Senior Resource Person, M.A., Ph.D. in Linguistics has specialization in Morphology. He has 7 years experience in Field work & Language Description and 6 years experience of working on Machine Translation at National Translation Mission(CIIL). He is currently working on Hakkipikki/Pardhi language, An Indo-Aryan language spoken in Karnataka.
E-mail ID: nagarajus2007@gmail.com
Dr. Sudipta Bhattacharjee Dr. Sudipta Bhattacharjee
Dr. Sudipta Bhattacharjee, Senior Resource Person, M.A. Ph.D. She has experience of working in CIIL’s NELD project and for LDCIL speech data collection on Mundari language ,3 years teaching experience in Bengali language. She is currently working on Bhunjia language spoken in Nuapada area of Odisha.
E-mail ID: sudiptabhattacharjee09@gmail.com
Junior Resource Person
Ms. Jenifer D. Ms. Jenifer D.
Ms. Jenifer D. Junior Resource Person, M.A., B.Ed.(Tamil) M.A., M.Phil. (Linguistics). She has one year experience working as a Language Editor in ILCI (Indian Languages corpora Initiative) in Tamil University. She is currently working on Malayan language spoken area of Kerala.
 E-mail ID: jenijeniroy@gmail.com
Mr. T. Mahendar Reddy Mr. T. Mahendar Reddy
Mr. T. Mahendar Reddy, Junior Resource Person, M.A. M.Phil, Ph.D. (in Progress) in Linguistics, B.Ed.(ELT & Social Studies). Expertise in Sociolinguistics, Lexicography, Computational Linguistics & Language Documentation. Currently working on Manda, a Dravidian Language spoken in Odisha.
 E-mail ID: uoh2006@gmail.com
Dr. N. Brojen Singh Dr. N. Brojen Singh
Dr. N. Brojen Singh, Junior Resource Person, M.A., Ph.D.in Linguistics. Sound Experience in language description & fieldwork. Research Interest in Tibeto-Burman Linguistics.
E=mail ID: brojennao@gmail.com
D. Rameshbhushan Mr. Dupukuntla Rameshbhushan
Mr. Dupukuntla Rameshbhushan, Junior Resource Person, M.A in Linguistics, P.G.D.E.L.T, C.C.C in Kannada, D.C.A, Diploma in Mimicry.He has also received “BASHA PURASKARAM” award from Andhra Pradesh Official Language Commission.Currently he is working on Soliga language.
E-mail ID: drameshbhushan@gmail.com
Technical Staff
Mr.Manohara Shyam V.S Mr. Manohara Shyam V. S.
Mr. Manohara Shyam V. S., Video editor, BFA from (CAVA), (PGDPD) in Film and Video Communication from (NID), Achieved Gold Medal from University Of Mysore for Final year BFA(2009), He specializes in Filmmaking, has worked as assistant director for documentary "A dream called America" which had won Best student film, Mumbai International Film Festival 2012.
E-mail ID: manu.shyam000@gmail.com more
Saravanan. A.S. Mr. Saravanan A. S.
Mr. Saravanan A. S., Graphic Editor, B.Sc., HDISM., specializes in Multimedia technologies. He has more than 16 years of experience in Media and Public Relations, worked as a Multimedia software trainer for 2 years, Multimedia Artist in an NGO for 9 years and Advertising Designer for 3 years. He is now documenting Tribal folklore.
E-mail ID: saravanakanna1@gmail.com
Mr. Ramesh Patel M.J Mr. Ramesh Patel M. J.
Mr. Ramesh Patel M. J., Videographer, Diploma in Cinematography in Govt. Film & TV Institute, Bangalore, with 7 years of experience in T.V Production. He is currently working in CIIL, SPPEL as Videographer.
 E-mail ID: rpateldct@gmail.com
Office Staff
Ms.Durga Vanisri D Ms. Durga Vanisri D.
Ms. Durga Vanisri D. is a Post Graduate in Commerce. She has approximately 9 years of experience in the area of Accounts.She is currently working as Account assistant.
 E-mail ID: d.vanisri@yahoo.in
Mr.Puttaraju K Mr. K. Puttaraju
Mr. K. Puttaraju, Data Input Operator, B.A., is an expert in Data Input and Desk Top Publishing and has 2 years of experience in Mysore City Corporation.
E-mail ID: puttarajukempaiah@gmail.com
Ms.Amrutha K Ms. Amrutha K. N.
Ms. Amrutha K. N., Data Input Operator, B.Sc. She has 7 years of experience working at CIIL in data inputting Kannada, English & Hindi languages.
E-mail ID: amruthak@gmail.com
Mr.Puttaraju S Mr. Puttaraju S.
Mr. Puttaraju S., SSLC ,Attender,He has 6 years experience as attender in CIIL Mysore, Currently working as Attender in CIIL,Mysore
 E-mail ID: Puttu@gmail.com