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The term documentation is frequently being discussed because of the current attention to language endangerment issues. Languages are dying faster than linguist can describe them; therefore, the word documentation is broadly used for all types of works carried out for endangered languages. Through documentation the communities can regain or maintain access to inherited knowledge. SPPEL targets documentation of the languages in three forms: preparation of trilingual dictionary, Grammar and Ethno-linguistic profile of a concern community.

Our documentation is guided by a questionnaire prepared by SPPEL. The questionnaire aims to collect information about the features of the language, the people and also about the various domains of use of the language. It includes collection of as much as thousands of words based on different semantic domains. These words will be produced in the form of a trilingual dictionary. The project also aims to collect all types of sentences highlighting the different grammatical aspects of each language. Cultural documentation of endangered language speaking community is another important aspect of SPPEL. Visual and audio features of culturally significant items such as housing, artifacts, cultivation, healing and ritual practices, festivals, occupation, customs, folk songs and folklores, etc of the community are collected and how all these above processes are embedded in the oral language of the community would be documented.