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Purum (ISO Code - pub) is a Bodic language of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is spoken in Manipur state in North-East India.

Source/ Investigator(s): Ch Yaswantha Singh
1Consonant InventoriesAverage (19)Phonology
2Vowel Quality InventoriesAverage (6)Phonology
3Consonant-Vowel RatioAverage (3.16)Phonology
4Voicing in Plosives and Fricatives Voicing contrast in plosives alone p t:b d Phonology
5Voicing and Gaps in Plosive SystemsMissing /g/ Phonology
6Uvular Consonants No uvularsPhonology
7Glottalized ConsonantsNo Glottalized ConsonantsPhonology
8Lateral Consonants/l/, no obstruent lateralsPhonology
9Velar NasalVelar nasal, also initially /ŋem.taŋ/ 'cheek', /nuŋak/ 'virgin, /riŋ/ 'neck'Phonology
10Front Rounded Vowels NonePhonology
11Syllable structuremoderately complex syllable structure /ccvc/Phonology
12ToneSimple tone system : high and low /kə`i/ to pull kŋi 'I'Phonology
13Common ConsonantsAll present: bilabials, fricatives, nasals, lateralPhonology
14 Uncommon consonantsnone present: clicks, Labial-velars, Pharyngeals, 'th' soundPhonology
15Fusion of Selected Inflectional FormativesConcatenativeMorphology
16Prefixing vs. Suffixing in Inflectional Morphology both prefix and suffix Morphology
17ReduplicationProductive full and partial reduplication: /zam-zam.mə/ 'slowly-slowly' /pəŋ.se-kə.se/ 'walking and walking'Morphology
18Case Syncretism absentMorphology
19Coding of Nominal PluralityPlural suffixNominal Categories
20Number of Cases7 casesNominal Categories
21Position of Case AffixesCase suffixesNominal Categories
22Ordinal NumeralsOne-th, two-th, three-th Nominal Categories
23Order of Subject, Object and VerbSOV Word order
24Order of Subject and VerbSVWord order
25Order of Object and VerbOVWord order
26Order of Adposition and Noun PhrasePostpositions Word order
27Order of Genitive and NounGen-N : /inkhar-ta poron-kha / 'door latch'Word order
28Order of Adjective and NounNo dominant orderWord order
29Order of Demonstrative and NounDemonstrative-Noun /əkəsəi thiŋ-i/ 'tall tree'Word order
30Order of Numeral and NounNoun-Numeral / mot əkəsin / 'small banana'Word order
31Position of Interrogative Phrases in Content QuestionsNot initial interrogative phrase Word order
32The ProhibitiveNormal imperative + normal negative: /lut-mə-ro/ 'do not enter' Word order
33 Position of Polar Question ParticlesFinal /hiwahi nəŋ nə-in-me/ 'is this your house' [-me is question affix]Word order
34 Negative Morphemes Negative affixLexicon
35Numeral BasesDecimalLexicon