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North East Zone

North East Zone North East Zone North East Zone North East Zone
Northeast Zone is one of the six zones under SPPEL. This zone comprises of eight states namely, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura.
Northeast is a land where a rich and a diverse linguistic nature, a varied cultures as well as an exotic flora and fauna exist. In India, languages of Tibeto-Burman are densely concentrated in this region. Out of 117 languages considered as endangered by SPPEL in the current phase, 43 of them or 39% are from Northeast. Languages that are currently being investigated by several researchers are shown in the table below.
Name of the PIs who are working for SPPEL in North-East zone with the allotted language
Languages Location Principal Investigator SRP/JRP
Singpho Arunachal Pradesh Dr. Bhaskarjyoti Sarma Mr. Nanglokhow Chowsong
Khamiyang Arunachal Pradesh/Assam Dr. Bhaskarjyoti Sarma Ms. Panlong Ompop
Sherdukpen Arunachal Pradesh
Atong Meghalaya Dr. Umarani Pappuswamy Ms. Nazaretha Sangma
Mr. Sansuma Brahma
Uchai Tripura
Simong Dr. Soma Dey Barman Mr. Sanjay kumar
Ms. Manasi Nandkarni
Ranglong Tripura Dr. S. Ganesh Baskaran Mr. Rotnojoy Reang
Mr. Debojit Deb
Khampti Arunachal Pradesh
Ralte Mizoram
Darlong Tripura Dr. Pauthang Haokip Mr. Ramtanu Brahma
Mr. Surath Debbarma
Chiru Manipur Dr. Mary Kim Haokip Mr. Mechek Sampar Awan
Naa, Tangam Arunachal Pradesh
Aimol Manipur Dr. Temsunungsang Dr. Chongom Damrengthang Aimol
Baite/Biate Mizoram
Gurung Darjeeling/Assam
Kagate Darjeeling/Assam
Liju Arunachal Pradesh
Phakial Assam Dr. Sangita Saikia Mr. Paim Thee Gohain
Mr. Ngi Pe Thon Gohain
Thapa Darjeeling/Sikkim/Assam
Mayor / Zakhring Assam
Bangro Arunachal Pradesh
Purum Manipur Dr. Thokchom Kamala Devi, SRP SPPEL
Dirang Monpa Arunachal Pradesh Ms. Ankita Karmakar, JRP SPPEL
Khamba Arunachal Pradesh Mr. Wichamdinbo Mataina, SRP SPPEL
Chothe Manipur
Moyon Manipur Dr.L. Bijen Kumar Singh
Lamkang Manipur Dr. N. Brojen Singh, JRP SPPEL
Sikkim Dr. Rajesh Kumar