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Luro (ISO Code - tef) is a Munda language of the Austro-Asiatic language family. It is spoken in Andaman and Nicobar in India.

Source/ Investigator(s): Anvita Abbi, Vysakh, Rakhi
1Consonant InventoriesModerately small (18)Phonology
2Vowel Quality InventoriesLarge (9)Phonology
3Consonant-Vowel RatioLow (2)Phonology
4Voicing in Plosives and FricativesVoicing contrast in fricatives alone (f,v)Phonology
5Voicing and Gaps in Plosive SystemsBoth missing (b,g)Phonology
6Uvular ConsonantsNonePhonology
7Glottalized ConsonantsNonePhonology
8Lateral Consonants/l/, no obstruent lateralsPhonology
9The Velar NasalInitial velar nasalPhonology
10Front Rounded VowelsNonePhonology
11Syllable Structurecomplex syllable structure (CVVC)Phonology
12ToneNo tonesPhonology
13Absence of Common ConsonantsAll present (bilabial, fricative, nasal)Phonology
14Order of Adjective and NounAdj+NWord Order
15Negative Morphemesprefix, infixation Lexicon