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Kanashi (ISO Code - xns) is a Bodic language of the Sino-Tibetan language family. It is spoken in Himachal Pradesh state in North.

Source/ Investigator(s): Krishna Bhattacharya, Ria Guha
1Vowel Quality InventoriesLarge (8)Phonology
2Reduplicationfull reduplication: kimǝ kimǝŋa (each and every house), partial reduplication: la lad (engaged repeatedly).Morphology
3Case SyncretismInflectional case marking is syncretic for core (Erg-Abl) and non-core (Gen-Loc)Morphology
4Coding of Nominal PluralityNo plural: unmarked plurals. Infered from the xontextNominal Categories
5Number of Cases6: Nom, Acc/ Dat, Erg/ Ag, Abl, Gen, LocNominal Categories
6Position of Case Affixessifixed to bare stem of substantive in singular and afte number suffixes in pluralNominal Categories
7The Future TenseNo inflectional futureVerbal Categories
8The Perfectexpressed with past definiteVerbal Categories
9The OptativeInflectional optative presentVerbal Categories
10Order of Subject, Object and VerbSOVWord Order
11Order of Subject and VerbSVWord Order
12Order of Object and VerbOVWord Order
13Order of Adposition and Noun PhrasePostpositionsWord Order
14Order of Negative Morpheme and VerbNegVWord Order
15Order of Degree Word and AdjectiveDegree word-AdjectiveWord Order
16Relationship between the Order of Object and Verb and the Order of Adposition and Noun PhraseOV and PostpositionsWord Order
17Negative MorphemesNegative particleLexicon