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SPPEL have collected a catalogue of references and bibliographies on endangered languages and available literatures on communities of those endangered languages. All the bibliographies are annotated.
No.Title, AuthorLanguage, Type of workYearPublisher, Place Or UniversityAnnotation
1 A Bibliography of Dravidian Linguistics,Agesthialingom, S,Sakthivel S
1973 Annamalai Universit, Annamalainagar,Annamalainagar Bibliography work of Dravidian Linguistics
2 A bibliography of indian folk literature ,Jawaharlal hando
1977 CIIL publication,Mysore Reference books for Indian folk literature
3 A Comparative Grammar of Middle Indo-Aryan,Sukumar Sen
1960 Linguistic Society of India, Deccan College, Poona. ,Poona This is The Grammar book for the middle indo Aryan languages. comparative method used to construct the grammar.
4 A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South Indian Family of Languages,Robert Caldwell
1974 Oriental Books Reprint Corporation, Book publishers, 54 Rani jhansi road, New Delhi-55,New Delhi-55 The comparative study of Dravidian grammar.
5 A Comparative Grammar of the Gondi Dialects,Uma Maheshwar Rao Garapati
Department of Dravidian & Computatinoal Linguisitcs, Dravidian University,Kuppam Comparative grammar
6 A Comparative Study of the Gondi Dialects (Ph.D. Thesis),Uma Maheshwar Rao Garapati
1987 Department of Linguistics, Osmania University,Hyderabad Comparative Study of the Gondi Dialects
7 A comparative study of Tulu dialects,Padmanabha Kekunnaya
1994 Rashtrakavi Govinda Pai Research Centre,Udupi The effort made in this thesis to re-draw the isoglosses and dialect boundaries will enable scholars to trace the historical development of the Tulu language and to reconstruct the specific linguistic features of this language. This thesis contributed an important contribution to dialectology and it may usher a new era in the systematic study of Tulu linguistics.
8 A Comprehensive Grammar of Tulu,Ramakrishna T. Shetty
2001 Annamalai University Publications,Annamalainagar Comprehensive grammar
9 A Description of Konkani,Matthew Almeida S. J.
1989 Thomas Stephen's Konkani Kendr,Goa A description of Konkani language
10 A Descriptive study of Cholanayaka. (Thesis),Muralidharan.R R
1988 Centre of Advanced study in Linguistics Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar , Doctor of philosophy in linguistics.(ph.d)
11 A descriptive analysis of the Telengi dialect of Bastar,Shrihari Rao J.,Malhotra (Supervisor) R. C.
1974 Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla Shukla,Raipur, Chattisgarh In this book analysed the Telengi dialect of Bastar district.
12 A Descriptive Analysis of Yerava,Mallikarjun B.
1993 Central Institute of Indian Languages,Mysore Descriptive study
13 A Descriptive Grammar of Aimol,M. Shamungou Singh
1995 Department of Linguistics Manipur University,Imphal A description of Aimol, TB language spoken in Manipur. A Ph. D thesis submitted to Manipur University.
14 A Descriptive grammar of Bangru,Jag Deva Singh
1970 Kurushetra University,Kurushetra a Descriptive study of the Bangru Language
15 A Descriptive Grammar Of Gondi ,Subramaniyam S.P S.P
1968 Department of linguistics ,Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar ,Chidambaram This book is the study of Gondi language grammar which is spoken in south India. It explains the grammar like Nouns, verbs, Adjectives, Appellative verbs, Adverbs, Clitics and syntax of tribal people of Gondi spoken language.
16 A Descriptive Grammar of Gondi,Subrahmanyam P. S.
1968 Annamalai University,Annamalainagar This book gives basic grammar of Gondi language.
17 A Descriptive Grammar of Kinnauri,Sharma D.D.
1998 K.M. Mittal, Mittal Publications,Delhi Descriptive grammar
18 A Descriptive Grammar of the Kui Language,Maheswaran C.
2008 DCL,Dravidian University This book gives the basic descriptive grammar of Kui language.
19 A Descriptive Study of Dialect of Gade-Lohar,Jagadish Chandar Sharma
1988 Director General, Anthropological Survey of India, Govt. Of India,Calcutta Descriptive study
20 A Descriptive study of kui language,Maheswaram C
1989 Department of linguistics ,Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar ,Chidambaram A Study of kui traibal language and .