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Bharwad Documentation

Bharwad people are seen in whole Saurashtra region of Gujarat, but only those residing in Nes area of Gir, Barda and Alech are listed as Scheduled tribes. The Bharwad in Saurashtra is divided into two endogamous groups viz., Mota Bhai and Nana Bhai. Basically the Bharwad tribe is nomadic. They move here and there due to their occupation of sheep and goat rearing; in search of water and grasses. Now some Bharwad started staying in a village where they construct their own house. They use Gujarati script and their language belongs to the Indo-Aryan language family.
According to 2001 census, the population of Bharwad tribe was 1619 (856 Male and 763 Female).
Bharwad tribe has number of Kudame (clan) and mostly clans are divided into many sub-clans. Bharwad tribes are pure vegetarians. They use Wheat, Millet, Kaffir, Maize, Pea, Green bean, Grams, dal, milk, Curd, buttermilk, Ghee and all local vegetables in their food. They drink tea. They have separate terms for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner i.e., Siramad, bapora and viyaro. They believe in Hindu religion and worship Hindu God and Goddess. They celebrate the festivals like- Hatam, Janmastami, Desara, Navratri, Diwali Bestuvaras, Holi, Rakhpacham etc.

Indigenous Medicines and Mode of Treatment
Bharwad tribes are known for their rich knowledge on ethno veterinary and traditional health care practices.
  • 1. If any sheep or goat gets hurt or infected, they used to bind with the chapattis of millet and it cures within 2-3 days and this disease is called ‘Gharu’ [gha-ru)].
  • 2. If any sheep’s or goat’s leg gets fractured they used to bind the cover with the cover of Khakhara’s stem and put water over it and it cures within 8-10 days.
They also cure normal diseases like infection of the eye ‘Fulun’ [phulu)], loose motion ‘Jade’ [dʒa}aù], cold ‘Simedo’ [sɪme}o], chicken pox ‘Ori’ [orɪ], etc to the animals by their own way.
Transcribed word kæɽiː
Gloss Toe Ring
Gloss in Hindi (Devanagari script) कैड़ी
  Toe Ring
Transcribed word gaːdəluː
Gloss Mattress
Gloss in Hindi (Devanagari script) गादलू
  Toe Ring
Transcribed word mərgəli
Gloss Necklace (Female)
Gloss in Hindi (Devanagari script) मरगलि
  Toe Ring
Transcribed word pokʰaːnɽiː
Gloss Ear-ring (Female)
Gloss in Hindi (Devanagari script) पोखानड़ी
  Toe Ring
Transcribed word ə
Gloss Ear-ring (Female)
Gloss in Hindi (Devanagari script) वेडला
  Toe Ring
Transcribed word 
Gloss Bangle
Gloss in Hindi (Devanagari script) चुड़ला
  Toe Ring
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